Clinical Teaching Perception Inventory®

The inventory measures comfort with clinical teaching by comparing perceptions of your "ideal clinical teacher" and your feelings about yourself as a clinical teacher. Studies have suggested that taking the CTPI will help you improve your teaching skills.

The CTPI is a 28-item Q-sort instrument which takes 5-10 minutes. Respondents place each of 28 single-word descriptors/items along a seven-point continuum ranging from "least like" to "most like." When you have finished, you will immediately receive an individual explanation of your scores to help you achieve your goals as a clinical teacher.

Your answers will be anonymously recorded so that we can advance the state of knowledge about residents as teachers; your individual answers will not be connected with your name. This project is run by medical faculty who will guard the confidentiality of your name and email address. Using CTPI data from residents in different specialties across the country, we are developing new curricula to help residents improve their teaching skills while enjoying teaching.

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